Innovative Approach to Circular Economy

Welcome to the online exhibition for the Spring UWAS course, Innovative Approach to Circular Economy.

The course looked at the impact that contemporary art has in the context of the circular economy, the possibilities of innovative and artistic methods in creating cultural change, and their social impact in the context of the circular economy.

Circular economy encompasses more than the sustainable production and consumption systems of materials, goods, and services. It includes a discussion of the intertwined aesthetical, ecological and ethical processes. A more radical change of culture, education, values, and ways of living is needed for promoting circular economy. The course develops the students’ understanding of the main principles of circular economy and what employing these principles means in our production and consumption systems and culture in the context of design and contemporary art. Through lectures, discussions, case studies and exercises we explored aesthetic and value systems connected to our production and consumption systems and material culture. 

In their projects the participants of the course explored themes varying from architecture to clothing, technology, food systems and creating cultural change. The aim of the project work was a creative proposal, with the emphasis of exploring different ways to see, think and act. The project works reflect the need and possibilities for systemic change and their own role in facilitating that change. The aim was to explore, develop and express ideas around the chosen themes and to work together to create circular scapes.

About UWAS

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Image on main site: Eva Hesse, Ennead, 1966, The Estate of Eva Hesse.

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